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The latest post on brad's deals. Categories from ceiling fans for their company logo or name brand. He viewed the long-distance relationship like a military deployment -- difficult, but necessary for his company to thrive. He expected to either grow the company and move his family to California or return home after giving it a shot. Instead, his wife and children stayed in Texas, near extended family. He adopted a new routine: He took a flight home each Thursday.

He attended church each Sunday. And then he flew back to San Francisco. For about nine years, he lived out of a suitcase and in a hotel. In the early days of Ustream, his father, Fred, ran a twice-weekly video forum to chat with Ustream users about the platform and to offer technical support. Ustream hit 1, consecutive viewers in , but most were from Dallas, Fort Worth or Granbury, Fred said. Churches started using Ustream to broadcast Sunday services, and schools used it for sports events. A San Francisco resident used Ustream to broadcast the birth of puppies.

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A guy in Iowa set up a webcam of an eagle protecting her nest. The company received bags of letters and cards from schoolchildren who watched the live video. Ustream took part in national news during the Virginia Tech shooting in when a student used the video service to broadcast live from his dorm room. There's been so many of those. Brad said the power of Ustream was always its immediacy.

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In , Ustream peaked at 60 million unique views per month, Hunstable said. Big companies became customers, using the service to stream live meetings and conferences. Ustream switched from covering the uprisings of the Arab Spring to streaming company presentations by Cisco. It became part of a new division of IBM, the cloud video services unit.

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But more of his attention is on the next chapter. He co-founded his new business, Linear Labs, with the man who inspired his love of computers: his dad. Fred dropped out of college, preferring to get his hands dirty. He spent his career inspecting quality control and safety checks at nuclear plants across the country. Much like his son, he spent many of his workdays on the road and nights nights in hotels.

How could they harness a more efficient kind of power, like the power of windmills? Brad wondered. That research inspired a new more powerful electric motor with a different configuration and design.

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Father and son stayed in touch about the project by sharing photos and talking on video. Fred said the more efficient motors could have universal applications in everything from ceiling fans to drills to drones. They plan to create a family of motors that could be used in different types of products. They plan to pursue licensing agreements with manufacturing plants or automobile companies.

Babak Fahimi, a University of Texas at Dallas research scientist and professor of electrical engineering, researches renewable energy and vehicular technology. He's tested electric motors for Linear Labs. He said its electric motors can generate more power, while taking up less space and using fewer materials, such as steel or copper. He said the motors could disrupt the automotive industry by saving on manufacturing costs. Each year, just a small fraction of cars sold have been hybrid or electric.

He said making electric motors more reasonably priced could make the cars lower priced, too.

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He says the innovative design of the motors could be used in other ways, such as high-speed trains. When Brad left the Dallas-Fort Worth area for Silicon Valley about nine years ago, there were no accelerators, entrepreneur centers or coworking spaces. He had no idea where to go to raise funds -- or if there were any funds at all.

Even after selling his company to IBM, even with his contacts and clout, he says he struggled to raise money from local investors to launch Linear Labs. He kicked in his own money and got some funds from angel investors in Silicon Valley. He says Dallas has three main problems: Its angel investors have the wrong investment strategy. And the city needs mature startups to exit through acquisitions, initial public offerings or other financial deals.

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  4. And he says Dallas-Fort Worth investors take the wrong tack when it comes to investing in startups. He compares venture investing to a game of poker. Put in a small number of chips and then double down if you like the cards that you see. Investors should write smaller checks, instead of going all in -- and getting burned.

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    6. I like businesses that not only make money but do something good for the world. And he said the time is right to build a company in Dallas, especially with companies like Toyota moving here. He was inducted into the Granbury Hall of Fame in His mom watched as he walked onto the football field and people cheered. Education: West Point for bachelor's degree in engineering management; The Ohio State University for master's in business administration.

      Family: Married to wife, April, for 13 years; year-old daughter Addison, 9-year-old son Hayden and four-year-old daughter McKinlee. Melissa Repko , Staff Writer.